About us


Franziska Dürig together with her husband Simeon Rudin are the company management. Franziska is responsible for administrative concerns and organization.
For many years she had been working for a real estate agency in Basel. As of the year 2000 she is maintaining the furnished apartments in Basel and Binningen with great success.
Mob-Nr. 0041 77 522 39 85
Simeon Rudin is responsible for the facility-management. He has a solution for every technical issue!
Mob-Nr. 0041 76 529 36 94
Jennifer Fischer supports the team since 2019

Our cleaning staff:

For many years we have been supported by our faithful and reliable cleaning staff.

Mrs Antonella Stasi Zum letzten Batzen, Binningen
Mrs Agnese Di Paola Zum letzten Batzen, Binningen
Mrs Marija Reljic Zum Zoo, Basel + Wettsteinallee, Basel
Mrs Indira Gulamic Zum Zoo, Basel + Schweizergasse, Basel